Vegetable Valentines

Vegetables–they’re not just for dinner anymore! Apparently there are quite a few DIY valentine card ideas that involve the odds and ends of your vegetable bin.

Last year, we made potato print valentines, inspired by the Green Baby Guide. You cut a potato in half, carve a heart shape in relief, then use it as a stamp with your choice of paints. They were easy, fun, and … gloppy, particularly those made by my exuberant 4-year-old assistant. (That’s the potato in the lower right corner.) Toward the end of the process I realized that the results were less gloppy and also prettier if you used a paintbrush to paint the potato instead of dipping it into a saucer of paint. That’s how we made the multi-colored hearts in the lower-left. I also made the foolish suggestion of adding glitter glue for additional decoration. Talk about gloppy!


This year, I’ve discovered instructions for doing something similar with carrots, making a heart-y carrot-stamp caterpillar. Or, if you need something to do with the bottom of your bunch of celery (after using the stalks to make some delicious soup or stir-fry), you can make a rose-shaped stamp for your valentines.

Why would I do one of these crafts instead of just picking up a box of cute cartoon cards at the drugstore?

1. I get to spend time with my son doing something fun.

2. They’re free.

3. I love seeing how we can make something using only items we have around the house anyway.

4. No one else is going to be giving out the same cards.

I’m not sure which option we’ll choose yet, though I’m thinking of making bookmarks with a stripe of real ribbon and some little carrot-stamp hearts in different colors.

What crafty things have you done with your veggies?


About raincitykitty

Feeling disconnected seems like part of the modern condition. I want to establish stronger connections--with my family, friends, nature, the food I eat, the things I use everyday. I'm a mom, wife, daughter, professional editor, volunteer tutor, voracious reader and consumer of chocolate, but most of all, I'm a part of this earth and want to live responsibly on it. It's a continuing journey and I hope you'll join me on it.
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One Response to Vegetable Valentines

  1. Here’s how our carrot-stamp bookmarks turned out:

    Valentine Bookmarks

    Total cost: $0! I just used wildlife stickers sent my organizations seeking donations, and cut up file folders I found at work.

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